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eValid -- V9 Evaluation License Restrictions and Limitations
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Most eValid functions are available within the capacity limits and with certain other restrictions described here. These limits should not affect your ability to assess eValid's functionality and to match eValid to your website testing and QA needs.

Evaluation License Limitations
The EVAL and DEMO licenses to the eValid product have these restrictions:

Site Analysis
The powerful "spider in a brower" feature lets you run a variety of tests on WebSites that include a wide range of production methods. Site analysis is activated for EVAL/EVAUTO licenses; this feature is disabled for DEMO/EVDEMO licenses. Because the site analysis process is 100% client side you'll have no problems doing detailed analyses of complex WebSites.

Functional tests are very simple and very powerful with eValid's InBrowser technology for recording and playback. Remember, these scripts can form the basis for detailed timing/tuning, monitoring, and server loading.

WebSite Loading
eValid imposes load by running multiple eValid copies for 100% realism, ultimate simplicity in scripting -- you use selections from your available functional tests. eValid does all the rest.

The DEMO key can only run existing scripts (supplied examples). The EVAL keys provide for full eV.Manager operation.

Mal-Formed Pages
Because eValid is a quality assurance and testing tool it is intentionally more demanding about the quality of JScript (VBscript, ECMAScript) than IE. Pages that contain broad classes of programming mistakes, e.g. infinite loops or dangling references, while they may be tolerated by IE, are generally NOT accepted by eValid.

Fair Use Guideline
Access to eValid functionality during an trial or evaluation period should be limited to activities that directly affect assessing whether to purchase eValid licenses. During trial or evaluation periods you are free to exercise eValid functions within the constraints and limits described above. In the interests of fairness you should not make use of eValid output(s) for any revenue-producing activity, or for direct beneficial effect for your organization, other than for determining product properties in suppport of your purchase decisions. In case you extend use of an eValid license copy through technical means beyond the expiration date of your EVAL or DEMO license, a fee of $25 per test playback executed will be imposed for any tests run during your evaluation.

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