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Browser-Based, Client-Side, Functional Testing & Validation,
Load & Performance Tuning, Page Timing, Website Analysis,
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Product Installation 05:48 INS Shows a typical eValid installation including download and license key installation. [Includes audio.]
GUI Introduction 06:38 GUI Walks around the eValid GUIs to illustrate basic operations with the eValid test engine. [Includes audio.]
User Resources 03:25 User Illustrates the range of support options that are available direct from the eValid GUI. [Includes audio.]
Functional Testing 13:34 FTB Shows a simple recording with validation of text items, playback, and confirmation of correct operation. [Includes audio.]
Regression Testing 03:52 EVM Shows how to use eV.Manager to run and analyzes tests in an eValid-based Regression Test Suite. [Includes audio.]
Server Loading 08:20 SLB Shows how to set up and run a typical eValid server loading setup for a complex AJAX application and results analysis for up to 100 browser users (BUs). [Includes audio.]
Site Analysis Basics 03:26 SAB Shows how to perform a very simple site analysis setup and eValid site analysis run.
3D-SiteMap Analysis 02:45 3D Shows the use of the eValid 3D-SiteMap, after a site analysis scan has been completed, to help create detailed understanding