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eValid's web Rich Internet Application (RIA) monitoring technology supports self-monitoring and hosted monitoring. Either way you can check the integrity of your complex E-Commerce AJAX application for availabilty and end-user-perspective response time. Tests can run 24/7 and can send E-Mail alerts direct to you if problems are detected.

Available Options
We can host the monitoring, or we can provision you to do the monitoring internally with your own team.

  • Self-Monitoring: In this mode you use an eValid AJAX Master Station license to record and perfect the monitoring test scripts in your own environment.

    Once fully checked-out, use as many eValid AJAX Agent Stations as needed to feed data into your existing monitoring reporting engine. eValid interfaces with most commonly used monitoring systems.

  • Hosted Monitoring: Using eValid as the script development engine, create the script you want to put into monitoring service. We'll help you -- with web meetings if needed -- to create scripts that record time bands that are important for each part of your web application.

    When the script is ready to be put into service we'll put the script into our internal monitoring engine, where you will have access to the timings extracted from your test playbacks on a private portal. The charts you receive are similar to those shown below.

Self-Monitoring Advantages
Using eValid RIA monitoring scripts will allow you to simulate ANY transaction with 100% realism no matter how complex. This means:

  • eValid tests are actual browser playbacks — not HTTP-based traffic approximations.
  • eValid RIA activity is equivalent to an actual user working with your website.
  • If you're using AJAX eValid adaptively corrects for dynamic page changes and synchronizes playback automatically.

eValid RIA Hosted Monitoring Advantages
We provide the monitoring for you, with our machines and reporting portal. Here are some advantages:

  • We'll set up the script and set up your account on our monitoring results server.
  • 1-tier, 2-tier, or 3-tier application tests are available.
  • Tests are run from a hi-speed end-user-grade connection, so you know you get accurate "last-mile" response-time measurements.
  • Here is a more detailed explanation of How It Works.
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Here are examples of the kinds of reports that
eValid RIA Monitoring can generate for you.
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